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Intellectual Property Disputes

Intellectual Property Dispute Solicitors Ireland

Intellectual property rights including patents and trademarks can determine a company’s success and failure based on the levels of assertion and protection involved. Businesses must not move more carefully than ever before to maintain their rights while avoiding possible disputes.

If for any reason your company is unsure that your intellectual property rights are valid or you find yourself facing allegations of infringing upon another’s intellectual property the best method in dispute resolution is to seek legal advice. At the earliest stage of a dispute is when it is beneficial and most cost effective to find legal counsel, this will enable you to understand your position regarding the laws that govern intellectual property rights and allow making educated decisions.

Planet Legal and Finance’s partnered advisors have ample experience in working with disputes of intellectual property and claims across many different situations. Our partnered advisors offer transparent and easy to apply commercial advice taking into consideration your position and the options that remain available to you regarding your intellectual property rights. Dispute resolution services are available and can be cost effective when going through the Intellectual Property Office If operating outside of the Courts is an available option. Should these parties find themselves unwilling to seek resolution outside; our partnered advisors can utilize their experience in a Court proceeding.

In the event that you have been accused of infringing upon another’s intellectual property or have breached their rights a quick response is vital. Many individuals and companies have placed a heavy amount of investment into protecting their intellectual property and often defenses are aggressive. Our business solicitors can help.

With these aggressive defenses often there is no hesitation to build or incur legal fees as you may find yourself ultimately liable. This makes it important to seek advice as soon as possible.


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