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Partnership Disputes

Partnership Dispute Solicitor Ireland

Often partnership disputes can be avoided by making certain that partnership agreements are tailored to fit the partnership itself. However, cost effective methods and practical ways to handle partnership disputes be it traditional or as part of an LLP, do exist.

A well drafted partnership agreement should provide guidance or direction in how disputes are resolved and offer options in dissolution given certain circumstances. However, partners must first willingly and effectively agree in how this would occur; using foresight to understand what situations may arise from what at a point in time appears to be a healthy and mutually beneficial partnership. Due to human nature, it cannot be expected that two or more individuals would be able to know and identify who is entities to what and how they would part given the nature of business.

In situations where a dispute may not be relatively amicable, alternate options are available in resolving the matter including arbitration, adjudication, court proceeding and mediation.

Planet Legal and Finance offers that a number of other factors including the business environment, state of the company, emotions can all have effects on partners making disputes even more difficult to fully resolve.Practical resolutions and a commercially driven, cost effective approach is greatly appreciated by our partnered advisors and are used to provide an appropriate direction for their clients to reach agreement.

Our business solicitor advisors offer that the most effective way to resolve disputes is to seek counsel or advice at the earliest stages.


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