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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Solicitors Ireland

If you have been in an accident which resulted in personal injury and suffering you should be able to seek a claim for compensation.

Personal claims are all related to accidents which are unavoidable in nature and not at the fault of your own conduct. To provide a few examples personal claims can be injury and suffering associated to: road traffic accidents, whiplash claims, and car accidents, slip and fall injury, sports accidents, workplace injuries, accidents which occurred in public places, injury from use of defective products and claims of fatal injury. It should be noted that this list does not encompass every possibility of personal injury.

Personal injuries can have resounding effects on your life as well as your family’s lives. The pressures of having to face rehabilitation and the struggle that comes with returning to daily routine can be eased with the helping hand of Planet Legal and Finance’s partnered advisors. The legal issues that are associated to personal injury claims can be handled by our partnered solicitors to take the burden and pressure off of you. Using plain language and assisting throughout your entire process, our partnered advisors are here to help you in any way.

Why Planet Legal and Finance’s Partnered Solicitors are experts in Personal Injury Claims?

  • Through many years of experience, our partnered advisors have handled personal injury claims with success and are good at what they do.
  • Efficiency through the use of up to date technology allows you to check your case online and watch as it progresses with updates without the constant calls.
  • Our partnered advisors aim to ensure that you receive proper compensation.
  • Each claim is handled with delicate care, thought and empathy so you can make educated decisions about your future.

Planet Legal and Finance

Through our partnered legal advisors we can ensure quality servicing and clear communication to be completely transparent so you’re not lost in the confusion of litigation. Costly legal services being a primary factor of many personal injury cases, our partnered advisors work with everything out in the open so there are no hidden costs or fees. With an advanced case management structure you can be kept up to date and understand the facts of your case.

Our partnered advisors are friendly and have a deep understanding aided by thorough training in law directly relating to personal injuries. Communication and results driven work is why you should seek advising through one of our partnered solicitors.


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